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presidente barack obama, y que la jueza de origen puertorriqueño sea la próxima magistrada de la corte suprema de justicia. >>> nuestro corresponsal lourdes desde washington nos habla de la última etapa en este procesoe confirmación. >>> se comenzó a debatir en el senado sobre la integración de sotomayor que sería la primera jueza r jaouz hins rhys pana. >>> viaje de la jueza sotomayor es realmente una historia norteamericana, dijo al iniciar el debate quién lo controlara cuenta con el peso de la mayoría demócrata pero de 40 republicanos, la gran mayoría está en contra, solo un puñado la respalda hasta ahora, desafiando a líderes y poderosos interés. el debate volverá a enfrentar posiciones. me siento decepcionado con colegas del otro partido que no van a votar por esta extraordinaria candidata, a pesar de su récord y calificaciones. a su vez el líder republicano, re conocía la impresionae historia de la jueza. pero una jueza tiene que dejar su agenda personal y política afuera de la corte e impartir justicia. es una prueba que la jueza sotomayor no pasa. >>> algunos
who might have fallen more clearly and comfortably into that role is who barack obama picked to be his running mate -- joe biden. my concern as i watch it as a citizen and not just a journalist, chris, is that the senate used to be the place where bipartisanship was not only possible but favored. it was the way you did things. it's the way you wanted to do things. it was for the good of the country to come together in the end after a tough debate and make a deal. i don't see that ethic alive in the senate anymore. and ted kennedy was the very embodiment of it. right off the top of my head i don't see any one person who can step into that role. i just don't. >> your thoughts on that? you were the top legislator in california for all those years. i worked with liberals for all those years. tip o'neill and frank moss of utah. i was totally devoted to someone like phil hart of michigan. we've had great senators over the years in both parts. >> there was a young man appointed to the senate from the state of colorado last january. his name was michael bennett. i believe that michael bennett
and this relationship between ted kennedy and barack obama, a lot of folks suggested in recent days barack obama might not be president of the united states right now were it not for that critical endorsement that senator kennedy provided a couple days after caroline kennedy endorsed barack obama over hillary clinton. things in the democratic party could have turned out differently. >> i think a whole lot of folks lay claim to have playing a role in electing president barack obama. there is no doubt that was a very important endorsement because of what it signaled although he did lose massachusetts. he was blown away by senator hillary clinton in that state so senator kennedy did not help him in that regard but certainly the kind of momentum that gave him the stamp of approval was also extremely important as well. look, he saw a lot of his brother in then senator barack obama because caroline kennedy talked about that. also interesting about that race, different kennedy family members were on different sides. everybody was behind the endorsement of senator ted kennedy. >> he encouraged senator obama t
made an appearance at barack obama's convention in denver a year ago and attended the inauguration in january carried he spent his final days in cape cod surrounded by family. but clearly, washington and the issues of the day were never far from his mind, to give the the as health care, one of his signature issues, is being debated in the capital. >> at some point in our lives, one comes along and you could never have a better one than ted kennedy. he was a good one to have in your corner. >> he would get out there and flailed his arms and his face would get red and he would make all of those liberal comments and when it was all over he would come up and say, was that all right? things like that, you could not help but like him. >> senators chris dodd and orrin hatch. ted kennedy as the final resting place is at arlington national cemetery with his brothers. >> he was a remarkable political figure because he understood that politics is addition, not subtraction. he did not have any pureean ene. but fundamentally, people like ted kennedy. conservatives, constituents -- because of wh
. yes, the messiah is going on vacation. barack obama is going on vacation. he must be tired. he spent the last six months to reforming our country, and most people will not recognize it. he told us he would do it, and he is. no one is paying any attention to it. if you give me the next minutes, and please, please, parcher politics aside. open up your ears and eyes and watch with a fresh perspective -- put your politics aside. if i am wrong, you are more than welcome to show me where i am missing it. i would love to be wrong on this. barack obama has revealed his game plan to transform america it in his deeds. the transformation was marketed to america as "change," and, boy, was america it eager for change. >> i will not have to worry about putting gas in my car, or worry about paying my mortgage. glenn: now, i rememberç when tt came on, and i thought to; @ boy, that woman is stupid. is she? or are we? how is that woman feeling now she continues to write your own checks to pay her own mortgage and fill up her own gas tank? i wonder if she is disappointed they are understanding that
. the politicization of this is barack obama going backwards to -- it's dumb politics, too, because the last time he went up against dick cheney, dick cheney moved the needle against barack obama on the security issue some 20 points. i don't know why barack obama is picking this fight. it's going backwards. the way people throw around the term torture, it has a very strict legal test. the way the political people throw around this word, as if our first line of offense, our war heroes, our intelligence collectors, our sadists, i don't really understand what the democrats think they hope to gain by maligning the first line of defense in the war against terrorists. >> i think this is a political loser for the democrats, that's right, but it's a matter of justice. i mean, i'm just not that interested in the polls. i don't think dick cheney grew up wanting to torture people. in fact, there's ample evidence he grew up wanting to avoid conflict. he got five draft deferments in vietnam, my goodness. my own suspicion is something happened. he was given responsibility for america's security. he was asked to c
of the president have risen as much as 400%, death threats against barack obama in this environment go far beyond anything the secret service has seen with any other president. now, i need to have you keep in mind today as we add details to this story of what we're going to share with you here. i want to take you back 11 days ago when mr. obama visited phoenix, arizona. durham this man? o one of a dozen or so people that carried guns to that presidential event. we heard him say on camera he is prepared to resort to forceful resistance against the obama administration. now, today, i want to tell you about the church that that man attends. in particular, i am going to play for you parts of the sermon that were delivered from the pulpit on the very day before the president arrived in phoenix, arizona. this, my friend, you will agree is chilling. >>> tonight, i want to preach this sermon. you probably haven't heard a sermon like this before. here is my sermon. why i hate barack obama. that's my sermon. barack obama is coming to town tomorrow morning. barack obama is coming to town. he is going to be
is already announced? >> look at it very carefully. around the time that barack obama was inaugurated, the main mission was said to make sure there are not people there who can attack us again. that is a worthwhile mission. everything beyond that is optional, including nation- building and all the rest of it. he is going to have to answer our questions about whether additional troops do anything. this is what people are looking at. he is going to be in a rock and a hard place and explain to us what he is doing. he has very smart people including richard holbrooke, hillary clinton, joe biden, who know about this. there is not a one of them that would say that this is easy. >> do you know people that read your column every sunday that are in government or the media world and when you sit there and write do you think about it? >> i knew that the star of the play would be reading my theater column. i always thought about the reader, not the subject of the peace. your job is to serve the general reader, not people in power or people that are stars or in politics or show business. >> how cl
endangering lives on. >> despite his weakened condition, kennedy made an appearance at barack obama's convention a year ago and the inauguration in january. he spent his final days in kate got surrounded by family. but clearly, washington -- his final days in cape cod its radovan family to become a washington was never far from his mind. >> everyone at some point in our lives needs an advocate and you never could have a better one than ted kennedy. if he was in your corner, it was forever. >> we became very good friends. he would get out there and flailing his arms and his face would get red and he would make all of those liberal comments and just experience our side and come up afterwards and say, was that all right? you could not help but like him. >> senators chris dodd and orrin hatch. ted kennedy's final resting place is at arlington national cemetery next to his brother's jack and bobby. how will he be remembered? >> ted kennedy, to those who cover them and knew him slightly will be remembered as the remarkable public figure that he was because he understood that politics were
a islandera norteamricana con sus nuevas generaciones. el presidente barack obama le rindiÓ un tributo a quien le dio su apoyo influyendo en el nominaciÓn de su partido. >> no lloramos hoy por el prestigio de su nombre o por su cargo, lloramos porque querÍamos a este hÉroe amable y tierno que perseverÓ a travÉs del dolor y la tragedia, no por ambiciÓn o vanidad, no por riquezas o poder sino por el pueblo y la naciÓn que amaba. [♪mÚsica♪] [♪mÚsica♪] >> estuvieron presentes el vicepresidente, su amigo durante 36 aÑos y su esposa. y tres ex presidentes. [♪mÚsica♪] >> a la ceremonia asistieron 58 senadores y 21 ex miembrus del congreso que han hablado de su ideal de justicia para todos y su amistad en los tiempos mÁs duros. [♪mÚsica♪] >> asÍ se despidiÓ el senador edward kennedy del que llamaba el mejor lugar del mundo. su fÉretro fue trasladado a una base militar hacia shington donde se hizo una parada en el capitolio antes de partir hacia el cementerio. aquellos que trabajaron para Él pudieron darle un Último adiÓs a quien el presidente llamÓ: el mÁs grande l
hoy, la reforma migratoria no estÁ lista para ser presentada al congreso. >> barack obama dijo que es justo una reforma migratoria, predijo que en este momento no puede. >> no puedo hacer todo al mismo tiempo dijo obama, que espera que para principios de 2010 se discuta el tema de la inmigraciÓn. >> el primer ministro de canadÁ justificÓ porque la decisión de imponer visas a los mexicanos. >> el presidente de mÉxico rechazÓ esta medida. >> ante la posible apariciÓn de la influenza dijeron trabajar juntos para minimizar los riesgos. firmaron un plan para defender libre comercio. respaldaron la posiciÓn de barack obama ante la crisis en honduras. barack obama dijo que los que lo critican, son los mismos que critican a estados unidos de intervencionismo en el mundo. >> mientras el presidente felipe calderÓn asistirÁ a la cumbre en guadalajara, autoridades mexicanas arrastraron a un supuesto sicario que querÍa matarlo. >> la secretarÍa de seguridad pÚa federal detuvo en sinaloa a quien le habian ordenado cometer un atentado contra felipe calderÓn. raÍz de la guerra declarad
then briefly about the contest between obama and now secretary clinton we think we are familiar with barack obama he has been in our lives a lot since the remarkable speech since the boston convention in 2000 or what we will find is a deeper understanding of barack obama, strings and weaknesses, a type of character that he is, some of what he went through and and as you die just less has what he is going through write now. one thing that is important to always remember with barack obama at it in addition to ambition nobody runs for president if you were in the senate for only 12 minutes. [laughter] if you don't have ambition be he is very competitive one of the bus stories came from robert gibbs about when obama's a book "the audacity of hope" was published in 2006 which helped to create the build-up for his candidacy. obama wanted this to be a big best-seller so the book was about to come out and some of his staff said the book will do well be used to understand it is coming out literally the same time as the first piece of nonfiction by john grisham. said do not get your hopes up too far
, of course, barack obama last year. politics though is not on the mind right now of kennedy's colleagues and friends. they've been focused today on his human an and the. >> that's right and the tributes have been coming in all day long. many people waking up hearing this very sad news but we have for you vice president joe biden and senator chris dodd. >> so many of his -- so many of his foes embrace him because they know he made them bigger. he made them more graceful. by the way in which he conducted himself. >> the country lost a great advocate. there are millions of people who were around this guy every day to stand up for him. decades to come, history will talk about his legislative accomplishments and the difference he made in public policy. for me, i lost my best friend in the senate. just a great friend. was here many occasions right here on this river. and so it's been a long year. a year and three months. but he died peacefully about 11:30. i talked to mrs. kennedy a little while ago, and he fought like a lion this last year to stay alive. and to be around. >> and there was thi
doing stories in january of 2008 reporting on reverend white and his connection with barack obama. and until that time, the main stream media totally ignored the fact that barack obama was in reverend white's pews and considered him a mentor and the only exception was sean hannity who had him on to talk about the black value system that basically says that the way any blacks who achieve economic success are being bought off by the capitalist system and are to be shunned. but in my stories, i reported for the first time on reverend white's sermons, saying that the government created aids to kill off blacks, that israel is a racist country, that the government created killers to kill off minorities throughout the world, et cetera, et cetera. and also that the same reverend white gave awards to farrah kahn for lifetime achievement. who picked up those stories? nobody. nobody touched it. i mentioned the stories to a cnn rerter at a party and she had not seen the stories and she said that's amazing. of course, i could never run a story like that. i would be accused of being bias agains
. and there's a concerted effort to try to delegitimize barack obama. he's a communist. he's a socialist. he's hitler now. he's trying to impose euthanasia on old people. and he's a racist. right? and i think your point, chris, is spot on. in this sense. i think it's unintentional but it's true that what the people who are trying to delegitimize him are trying to do is open the door to this kind of conversation. they want to have a race-rated conversation. and between sotomayor, and the skip gates controversy, obama gave them a permission flip to say that he sbuchede the question first. -- he introduced the question first. and now they can go crazy and make these wild charges because they claim he put race on the table and they're now just following his lead. chris: ok. you're the editor of "time" magazine. edit this conversation. is this the kind of attack a white american president would have to endure? the kind of attack he's getting? >> probably not. but i'm going to blame it on technology. i don't mean to evade the issue. but the fact is the fringe has come to the front. because of yout
't if barack obama is said that we should not cling to our religion? his arms are now open and he is clinging to religion. people who say there is a moral argument to do this or a moral obligation to do this, that doesn't mean that government can or should do this. i think that barack obama this week and perhaps the most overt moves got on call with a 1000 religious leaders and he started talking about scripture. he said that people who opposed his plan are bearing false witness. barack obama, why don't you take care of your own brother? invoking scripture to try to pass this bill is a discussing political move -- discusgusting thing. they went to the moral imperative, then the economic imperative. then they went to the political imperative. now they're back on their knees. i think that people will see through it even though that added% believe in a higher power, they are very smart. -- even though 90% believe in a higher power, they are smart. mike: what do you think about this, is this desperation by the obama administration to get people to go to the pulpits to support the plan? >> in any
that was released today clearly shows that americans do not trust barack obama. 69% think the president is going back on his promise not to raise taxes. joining me now is a columnist and kimberly guilfoyle. look at these numbers. in this latest poll -- i do not have to. the next ones will be lower. 2-1 independents are swayed against him on health care and supporting the people in town halls. the presidential tracking poll is - 8. what is going on? >> you remember back to the campaign, that joke the plumber moment. americans did not want redistribution of belt. -- of wealth. this is a redistribution of health. they are getting angry again. president obama has lost his influence. he is overexposed. he is too many places that too many times. in new york magazine article wondered if the enduring legacy would be his ubiquitous appearances. that is not good news. >> it is not looking good. if this did not begin and end with health care, rollback the tape. it started with tarp, the stimulus, which did not work that well. the other white meat, pork. it has been the road to ruin. this is no surprise. it
. >> barack obama was fabulous at selling himself as a candidate. this is a terrible sales job so far on health can care. here's why. he decided to 0 fight this on conservative turf by saying this will reform the system and save money. the problems are two-fold, they didn't have a man to specifically say how they were going to do that. and number two, he missed the opportunity to make the appeal to community in the great american spirit of cooperation that you need to sell something like this. so they didn't think it through properly from the beginning. chris: you cover this for the associated press at the white house. the white house has been so good before. why doesn't he sell the positives? we're all in this together. you don't want sick children in the classroom. it is better if we're all insured. it is the defensive thing. what happened here? >> he's gone through three phases. it is muddled up. this is going to fix the economy, if we fix health care. then he turned to the cost issue and he went on and on about how we would save money, because he thought that's what people worried
? >> without the public option, barack obama will not bill through congress. he is the head of the left-of- center party that wants the public option. kent conrad is not the whip of the senate. dick durbin is. what i see dick durbin on television saying that the public option is dead, i will believe it. >> colby? >> i remember where general chester pulley wise. he was a marine like you are. he was surrounded, they are in front of us and behind us, we have been just baugher we want them this is where obama is right now. he has the blue dogs after him, he has the liberals after him, he has the commentators, political commentary class after him. i do not think he will pull a chester pulley, but i do not think he is out of the game yet. lyndon johnson said to clarence mitchell and the naacp when there were pushing the civil- rights bill that they had to have it. johnson looked at mitchell and said, "how many votes do you have, clarence?" that is what it will come down to with obama. >> the wascally wabbit is dead. in the end, the liberals are bluffing. mara liasson of npr put it correctly.
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other things barack obama. senator hatch, let me just talk to you first. you told some wonderful stories. somebody told me this story about you. they said that talking about how senator kennedy had a way of making people feel special. they said many of your colleagues used to encourage you and congratulate you on your hobby of song writing. but they said senator kennedy would come to your office and listen to those songs and he actually knew the words to some of them. he did have a way, did he not, of making people feel kind of special at the moment? >> he did. he was a master politician and a very good friend. we fought each other most of the time, knock-down drag-out battles. afterwards we'll throw our arms around each other and say how did i do? i'd laugh. i'd yell at him. but he was a masterful politician. >> schieffer: how is it that he was able to find that sort of sweet spot in the legislation as somebody said to me this week that the other person, the person on the other side of the issue could be for? >> even though he was very liberal. he would listen to, for instance, myself a
familiar with barack obama. he's certainly been in our lives a lot since he started running for president and since that remarkable speech at the boston convention in 2004. what we found and what we think you will find as you go through this book is a deeper understanding of barack obama both strengths and weaknesses, the type of character that he is, some of what he went through and we think that there is as you go through and digest this some relevance to what he's going through right now. obviously one thing important always remember about barack obama in addition to envision nobody runs for president particularly if you've only been in the senate for 12 minutes. [laughter] if you don't have a lot of ambition that he is also very competitive and i think one of the best stories we heard came from robert gibbs about when obama's book, the audacity of hope was published in full, 2006 which as you remember helped create the build up for his candidacy. obama of course wanted this to be a big seller and so the book was about to come out and some of his staff went to him and said the book is
was a turning point. i think barack obama is putting his stamp on the democratic party. he's not there yet. it's not clear exactly what this project become, but he has the potential to lastingly change the coalition and the nature of this party. you're right, though, as a new president it's inevitably a work in progress. but ted kennedy was very much a work in progress. after his presidential run, his impact was very different than what it was before. in voice, he was always a champion of traditional liberalism, but in practice, he was a master legislative craftsman, certainly the best in legislative times. >> roger? >> if barack obama wants to carry the torch the kennedys have passed to him, president obama is going to have to pass health care. there's just not two ways about it. ted kennedy ran against jimmy carter, a sitting president in his own party. carter had not pushed for health care in his first term as carter had promised. and kennedy, we are told, extracted a promise from barack obama that he would, indeed, push for universal health care in his first term. in return for, not yus an
. and his fight for civ rights but without which barack obama would not be our president today,ess because of the civil-rights legislation that the kennedys championed but if it were not for the redng the immigration act that was no longer based on quotas the family connectio and workability, back obama's fath probably would not have come here. >> i want todd that to big ones ithe80s were, in 1981 the first year he was back in the senate he ended up leading theight-- leading the fight for continuation of the voting rights act of 1965, arguably the most important. he ended up leading that and that wasis first year back in the senate. the civil-rights resration act which was a huge ended up becoming law in 1988. he started that in 1994, which goes to what susan said about he is willing to take the time to get it done. i would add one thing. the vote he said he is most brought up in his entire senate career was his vote against iraq. [applause] >> thank you all for an excellent book but i have one questi for any of you. if chappaquiddick had not happened you think ted kennedy would have becom
in denver that he really wanted to live to see barack obama sworn in. that day, that cold day, it could not have been easy. it certainly was not medically advisable for him to be out in a crowd and out in that wicked cold on the steps of the capitol. we know what happened at the lunch when he had a setback and collapsed, but it was so important for him to see the president being sworn in. >> oh, he believed in the president before many people even realized the president was running. i mean, i think all of us remember when he and caroline did the speech with president obama, and we could feel the tide turning. his enthusiasm for the president was something that you could feel in the room. his belief turned out to be so true when the american voters believed the same way, and i think that senator kennedy was so proud of the president and will continue to look down on him with great affection and pride from heaven. >> neil, how difficult was it for him to break with the clintons? he had a very close connection to them and had, in fact, reached out and helped bill clinton through the most t
rit now? >> i bieve without the public oion, barack obama will not get the health careeform througcongress. he ishe head of left-of- ceer party. they want the publ option. kentonrad, i should pot out, is not the whip of the sate. he is not counting votes. dickurbins great when i see dick durbin on televion saying th the public option is - dick dbin is. when i see dick durbin on television saying that the publicption is dead, i will believe it. >> im reminded of the general chesty puller. he was srounded and he said, "we ha them just where we want them." that is whereobama finds himself. hes surrounded. he has conrvatives after him, as the blu dogs after him,he liberals after him, the commentators,olitical commtary class after him. do not think that he is going to pull a chesty puller, but i not thinke iout of the ga yet. why do i say that? lyndon johns sd to clarence mitchell and the naacp wn they're pushing the civil-rights bill -- mitchl went to himnd said he hadomething he really had to ruff, and g elected him and said, "how many vot do you have, crence?" that is wt it wi
an appearance at barack obama's conventi and denver its -- in denver year ago and the inaugurion in january. hepent his final daysin cape cod surrounded by his family. çbut clearly,ashington and the issues of the day re never far om his mind, particulay health care, one of it signature issues being debated in t capital. >> you never could have a better advocate than te kendy. ife was in your cner, he was in it forever. >> we became very good friends even though we fout each other mo of the time. he would get up there and flling his arms and his face would get d and he would make all of these leral comments and just expienced our side and then come up and say, was that all right? things like that, you could not help but like h. >> senators chris dodd and orrin hatch. ted kenny's final resting place will be at arlington national cemetery next to his brother'jack andobby curan >> how will he be remembered? >> ted kennedy from those of u to cover demanded new him slightly will rememb him as the remarkle feat -- w covered him and knew ms. saile remembed -- w covered him d knew him slightly wi
pleased, obviously, about the election of barack obama as president of the united states, but as -- but that does not mean the issue of race is finished, that we have crossed the finish line. we need what teddy kennedy has given us. we need what he has left us. i hope that we will get many more like him. tavis: finally, for those who will take an interest in the nobility of public service, what is the abiding lesson that we ought to take from the life and legacy of ted kennedy? >> he showed us the way. he was an example, 47 glorious years in the united states senate, and he served well, he served long. we are the beneficiaries of that service. tavis: a great leader in his own right, vernon jordan, with his thoughts about edward kennedy of massachusetts. mr. jordan, thank you for the opportunity. >> any time, my friend. tavis: also, i spoke with douglas brinkley. your thoughts on the life and legacy of ted kennedy? >> this past year, he did an oral history project in virginia which will be healthy -- which will be a help desk dollars. there will be a lot of new information
and cbs news. john: good evening. president barack obama turned 48 this week. he didn't get big present he'd been asking for doctor passage of health care reform in the house and senate -- but he got a few pretty good alternatives. sotomayor, his pick for the supreme court, was confirmed with the support of nine republicans, and we learned today that the unemployment rate has dropped a little bit. from 9.5% to 9.4%. there have been a few pieces of economic news like this late that, while not fantastic, have at least been not awful. john harwood, does the white house think they've turned a corner here? >> no. but they're having a party right now. the white house knows that first of all mission accomplished is the worst thing you can do in an economy like this. the unemployment rate even though it ticked down this month is likely to go up for a few months and not really come down in a serious way until next spring. consumer confidence is still low. it's true that the banking system is stabilized and that's good news. but they can't celebrate. barack obama came out today and attributed the be
ght now? >> ielieve without the public ption, barack obama will not get the health ca reform throh congress. he is the head of a left-of- nter party. they want the puic option. kent conrad, i should int out, is no the whip of theenate. he is not counting votes. di durbin is great when i see dick durbin on telision saying at the public option i- dickurbin is. when i see dick durbin on levision saying that the public optnis dead, i will believe it. >> i am minded of the general chesty puller. he was surroded and he said, "we have tm just where we want them." that is where oba finds himself. he is surrounded. he has conservives after him, as the blueogs afterim, the liberals after him,he commentators, polical commenta class after him. i doot think that he is going to pull a chesty puller,but i do n think he is ouof the game y. why do i say that? lyndon johnson said clarence mitchellnd the naacp when they'reushing the civil-rights bill -- mitchell nt to him and said he had somhing he really had to ruff, and got ected him d said, "how man ves do you have,larence?" that ishat it will co
his brother. today, president barack obama and other politicians reflected on kennedy's work that opened doors to millions. >> his ideas and ideals are stamped on scores of laws and reflected in millions of lives. and seniors who know dignity and families that know new opportunity, in children who know education's promise and in all who can pursue their dream in an america that is more equal and more just. >> politicians from both sides of the isle are expressing their sympathies over the loss of ted kennedy. former president george hw bush said today and this is a quote, while we didn't see eye to eye on many political issues through the years, i always respected his steadfast public service. secretary of state, hillary clinton said kennedy inspired generation after generation of young americans to enter public service. the stand up for justice and fight for progress. and british prime minister, gordon brown said even facing illness and death, he never stopped fighting for the causes, which were his life's work. i'm proud to have counted him as a friend. >>> and while with
appearance at the democratic national convention and played a pivotal role, endorsing barack obama, passing his brother's legsy to the young african-american democrat. >> this november the torch will be passed again to a new generation of americans. the work begins anew. the hope rises again. and the dream lives on. >> today presidents past and present, rivals and friends, are reflecting on the man whose work touched so many lives. >> -- on this earth has come to an end. and the extraordinary good that he did lives on. for his family, he was a guardian. for america, he was a defender of a dream. >> i don't think there's anybody that serves in the u.s. congress now that could possibly be missed by the american people as much as ted kennedy. >> and here with me now, nbc news anchor and managing editor and nightly news anchor and managing editor brian williams. the legacy, when you think about health care, incomplete of course but it was the passion of his life but the issues -- gun control, of course, sparked by the horrible tragedies to his brothers. where do you begin when we talk about wha
. there is no common sense in any of. this i'm really fascinated on your take by barack obama. >> ok. >> do you feel that he is incompetent. >> no, no. i think he is brilliant. i think he -- i think the way he sees america is kind of like if he were talking to me i'm not trying to destroy your marriage i just see your wife with me. he is not trying to destroy the country he has a radically different view. bill: you think i is a really strong left wing idealogue. >> yes. bill: he wants to impose what? what is the end game? >> i'm not sure what the end game is. bill: you are not sure. >> i would say it's european style socialism. bill: he thinks france is the optimum? >> i don't know. bill, here is where i am left. i'm left with barack obama nothing makes sense. you know and i know we can't continue to monday advertise our debt. >> you don't e logic. >> you right. >> where is your logic? what would you do? i'm asking you, what would you do to change this healthcare system for the better? after all, every time you people bring up costs, you don't care about the trillions of dollars to bail out the bank
>> barack obama, estÁ defendiendo su propuesta de la reforma de salud, usando las mismas tÁcticas que lo llevaron a la casa blanca, internet. dijo que hay mucho miedo al cambio en momenth@trxiftjrÑkplo quieren decir, y h@h@trxifthxÓ haber distraÍdo a h@h@trxiftlrd@ >> en perÚ, algunos plÍderes de unas iglesias, estÁn sospechados de corrupciÓn. >> el escÁndalo de corrupciÓn de una conocida agrupaciÓn religiosa de brasil, ha tenido impactÓ h@h@trxifthñhkph@h@trxi@ >> muchas falsas religiones cambian diezmos por engaÑos. en el perÚ, hay libertad de cultos, y muy difÍcilmente se pueda controlar a este tipo de organizaciones. >> creo que estÁn jugando, se estÁn abusando de nuestra fe. >> se puedenscribir y funcionar legalmente. >> no hay un registro y para disgusto de la iglesia catÓlica, muchos tienen que ver con el dinero. >> maÑana en el programa al punto, tratan los tres temas mÁs importantes. >> barack obama informÓ que trxp >> damos paso a lo mÁs sobresaliente de la repÚblica deportiva. >> desde la bella ciudad de san luis potosÍ. ♪ >> pachuca buscÓ seguir i
. yes, our messiah is going on vacation. here is the one thing. barack obama needs a say case. he must be tired. he spent the last six months transforming our country and most people won't either admit it or recognize t he told us he would do it and he is, but no one is paying any attention to it. if you give me the next few minutes, and please, please, open up your ear. put your politics aside. open up your ears and your eyes and watch with a fresh perspective. don't be in denial. do not put your head in the sand. if i'm wrong, you're more than welcome to show me where i'm missing t i would love to be wrong on this. barack obama has revealed his game plan to transform america in his deeds. the transformation was marketed to america as change, and boy, was america just eager for change. >> i want change whatever happens. i won't have to worry about putting gas in my car. i won't have to worry about paying my mortgage. he is going to help me. glenn: i thought boy, that woman is stupid when she first came on. is she, or are we stupid? how is that woman feeling now as she continues to wri
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